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Supplier Search

Supplier Search


Searching for a reliable and economically priced supplier is time-consuming and laborious…
Our purchasing team can undertake this task for you in order to enable a reliable and cost-effective supply of parts for serial production.


Our approach:

  • market survey, evaluation, analysis and preselection of potential suppliers
  • open or closed tender
  • summarized clarification of all queries
  • evaluation and comparison of all offers

If required, we start an anonymous research or tender. You get the complete documentation of the requests and offers as well as a supplier recommendation. So you can directly place an order by the chosen supplier without any surcharges. We always choose the best suppliers, impartial and free of commission.


Further services:

  • textual coordination and support until the conclusion of contract
  • preparation of the decision papers
  • clarification of property rights
  • preparation of non-disclosure agreements
  • plausibility checks and series price indication
  • reporting and documentation of all processes
  • formulation of draft contracts
  • on-site quality audits with the supplier

Your benefits:

  • comprehensive market research for potential suppliers
  • evaluation based on agreed criterias
  • anonymous research if required